Do you have full visibility into your cloud environment?

Cloud app security should reflect and address your users’ cloud adoption


Using cloud apps not distributed by IT

Many of these application environments are increasing enterprise employees’ productivity, but at what cost?


Need support for custom or tier 2 cloud apps

All enterprises have at least one custom or lesser-known app in their Top 10 assets in the cloud.


Will experience a shadow IT attack

By 2020, the proliferation of shadow IT will have significant impact on an enterprise’s security posture.

Most organizations don’t have the right tools for cloud app security

Security in the cloud can't be an afterthought

Complete Visibility

Lack of visibility

You cannot secure what you cannot see. You need full visibility into your cloud environment, including shadow IT.

Security Incidents

Siloed security

Data security on-premises and in the cloud can't be separate. You need unified policies and enforcement for both environments.

Mobile Access

No BYOD support

Most organizations do not have a security solution to control cloud access by unmanaged devices (BYOD).

Forcepoint CASB has the most comprehensive cloud app security coverage

All device types and cloud apps are covered

All device types and cloud apps are covered

  • Gain complete visibility in to unsanctioned apps (shadow IT) usage in any cloud environment 
  • Detect risky usage of sanctioned cloud apps like users downloading sensitive data on personal device (BYOD) 
  • Secure both well-known apps like Office 365 as well as lesser-known or even custom apps for comprehensive cloud app coverage 
  • Apply security policy enforcement for both corporate managed and unmanaged devices based on granular control over applications 
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Unify on-premises and cloud security policies 

  • Create security policies once to apply it to both on-premises and in the cloud environment, saving time and effort 
  • Get real-time activity monitoring and analysis for every single cloud application
  • Extend your on-premises data security solutions like DLP to the cloud with seamless integration
  • Achieve comprehensive view of your organization’s security posture with behavior analytics providing risk prioritized alerts for anomalous activities
Achieve cloud compliance efficiently with comprehensive insights

Achieve cloud compliance efficiently with comprehensive insights

  • Get started quickly with pre-defined policies for common regulatory, compliance, and IP protection use cases 
  • Easily implement policy-driven processes in familiar business terms 
  • Quickly assess risk and pinpoint which services to allow and monitor 
  • Achieve compliance in the cloud with full audit and granular control over cloud application usage and activities

With Forcepoint, Metro Bank colleagues can now securely access Office 365 and Yammer out of the office. Forcepoint has given us the visibility and control that we need in order to fully leverage the potential of cloud applications on mobile devices.

Luis Aguiar
Infrastructure Delivery Team Leader
Metro Bank

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