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Insider Threat

Unrivaled visibility into user behavior to detect threats from within

Why Forcepoint Insider Threat?

Collect, Explore, and Gain Insight

Collect behavioral data from channels such as web, file operations, keyboards, and email.
Explore meaningful data using a powerful dashboard built for analysts, by analysts.
Gain Insight with powerful analytics to understand and rapidly respond to risky behaviors before harmful events occur.

Our Customers

Why organizations are choosing Forcepoint

Advanced R&D Lab uses Forcepoint User Activity Monitoring to reshape security posture

Shifting the approach from using basic data movement detection tools to engaging in a more effective behavioral analysis model useful to the entire interdisciplinary security teams

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“We had an issue with an employee. He was trying to gain access to some customer data but was prevented from doing so using Forcepoint. I wasn’t expecting Forcepoint to detect such a detailed test but it did.”

Ahmet Taskeser
Senior SIMM Leader, Finansbank

“Forcepoint Insider Threat is a great investigation tool because it captures the video of what someone does and you can use it for evidence after a breach and say, right there, this is what you did, we can prove it ... FIT has saved us many times.”

Defense Contractor

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