Data Everywhere Creates Risk Everywhere

With data moving everywhere, organizations must move beyond endpoint data security to cover more channels like network, email, cloud and private web-based applications, web traffic and more.

Forcepoint DLP unifies policy management from an on-premises deployment across cloud, web and private applications with a few simple clicks.

Simplify Policy Management with DLP Everywhere

Manage data security across all your channels using a single policy. Write once, deploy everywhere.

Full access to 1,600+ DLP classifiers. Granular policy enforcement for web, cloud and private app.

Unify reporting, wherever data goes. A single pane of glass view of enterprise data security.

Secure Data in Any Application and on Any Device

Protect data in any cloud, on the web or in any private web-based application.

Extend policies to both managed and unmanaged devices with a few simple clicks.

Apply granular policy enforcement for file sharing, chat messaging and more.

Better Visibility and Enforcement with AI and ML

Amplify security with NLP, fingerprinting and pre-defined policies.

Improve visibility of unstructured data through on-going machine learning.

Employ advanced detection for over 900 file types, including OCR and text in images.

Unified Control, Unified Reporting

Save hundreds of hours with custom policy enforcement from existing Forcepoint DLP.

Get forensic evidence of data exfiltration attempts for all channels.

Report on DLP incidents anywhere from a single-pane-of-glass dashboard.

Security Service Edge: Now Available for Forcepoint DLP

Integrate Forcepoint ONE channels – CASB, ZTNA, SWG – with industry-leading DLP.

Extend enterprise data security to hybrid work: the web, cloud and private apps.

Increase productivity, reduce risk and cost, and improve compliance.

Enterprise Data Security
Risk-Adaptive Protection (RAP)
Contextual data security policy automation that adjusts to user behavior.
Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
Industry-leading data security for web, cloud, email, network and endpoint.
Data Security Powered by AI and ML
Forcepoint Data Classification (FDC)
Highly accurate data classification for unstructured data using AI and ML.
Forcepoint Data Visibility (FDV)
Panoramic view of data at-rest using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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