Forcepoint ONE is a Security Services Edge (SSE) platform that secures access to the web, the cloud, and private web applications.

What is SSE?

SSE is the security component of a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architecture. SSE unifies technologies that provide secure access to web, cloud, and private apps to keep sensitive data safe wherever and however people use it.
SSE can help you:

Manage security from one place

Protect access and data

Reduce latency to increase productivity

Simplify SSE and Reduce Risk with Zero Trust

A Zero Trust approach to security demands explicit permission for every action within your network, such as accessing resources or data. A Zero Trust approach lets you:

Improve data security and access

Eliminate VPNs while keeping resources hidden from unauthorized users

Safeguard web browsing and file downloads — even if they’re contaminated

Control access to cloud and private apps from BYOD and unmanaged devices

What Makes the Forcepoint Approach to SSE Different

The cloud-native platform, Forcepoint ONE

Core components of the SSE architecture and Zero Trust policies are built into the Forcepoint ONE platform, so you can:

Seamlessly control access via Forcepoint ZTNA, CASB, and SWG

Simplify compliance with pre-defined libraries of DLP policies

Stop attacks with advanced threat protection, including Forcepoint RBI with CDR

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Forcepoint ONE is a cloud-native platform that delivers Security Services Edge (SSE) from a unified console.

Why Forcepoint ONE for SSE

More than a portfolio of products or solutions, a cloud-native platform lets you:

Set and manage security policies from one place

Apply the same policies consistently wherever people are working

Push enforcement close to the user for faster web access

Protect people and data everywhere with global availability and 99.99% uptime

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Forcepoint SSE Products

Forcepoint ONE delivers Security Services Edge (SSE) via the cloud and is supported by over 300 Points of Presence (PoPs).

Forcepoint ONE

The all-in-one SSE security platform from Forcepoint

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